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Thread: 92 Chrysler T&C seats

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    92 Chrysler T&C seats

    I had a Town & Country IMS van and I still have the front passenger chair and mid-bench. They're tan leather and in good condition, just been in my garage.


    $150 or best offer. Pick up only, I believe it's freight shipping.
    Arlington Tx 76017

    Also, it's a little dusty but checkout my standing from in the barn, still works fine, the pump still holds strong, the corners of the padding were chewed by my parrot (must of like the taste) I'm selling it also $250
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    C4 incomplete since 1985

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    bump...I put this on Craigslist also
    I'm in Arlington, Tx (DFW) area 76017
    C4 incomplete since 1985

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