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Thread: 25" Spinery LX blue heavy spoke wheelchair wheels with Ds Locks

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    Cool 25" Spinery LX blue heavy spoke wheelchair wheels with Ds Locks

    Selling these beautiful wheels. Please feel free to ask questions.

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    I don't think this is a good deal. Spinergys average on Ebay for $300-$350. D's Locks new are around $450, so figure $200 on Ebay, maybe a little more or less. Also, you said there was no reason to use Paypal and would only accept a check. I think the protection of buying through Ebay and paying with Paypal is well worth cost. I hope you get what you can for the wheels, but it may be on the lower end of what you're asking. Most people are running on 24 inchers and that is going to make it a little harder to sell.

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    the Spinergy average on Ebay doesnt have anything to do with these. These wheels were almost 800 bucks and the tires on them were 100. Thats without the ds locks which were almost 500. Its all almost brand new. Why would i sell my wheels for 300 when one of them alone is worth 300.

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    I hope you get what you are asking but really the buyer does not pay a fee to paypal and you are asking to get out of a fee and asking the buyer to give up a degree of protection. Just trying to give you a view from the other side. It may put some buyers off decreasing your potential customer base. You do have to look at used prices on ebay as apposed to what they cost new when you are setting a price. What they cost new is great in the description but when it comes to asking price what they cost new is not very relevant because you are selling used not new.

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    New = warranty. Used = no warranty. There's a value to the former.

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    Also, if I wanted to spend $1000 I would purchase direct from Spinergy (aka new) so that I could get the color I wanted, the tires I want, the handrims, etc. Also, I would be the one taking them out of the box and using them for the first time.
    For all I know you somehow managed to bend these wheels and are trying to sell them as "like new" but without going through PayPal the degree of protection for a damaged item is less as well.
    For near the same cost of the wheel, I would buy new and get the warranty and EXACTLY what I wanted, rather than settling for something that is a "good deal"
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    Yeah, that price is awfully high, I could get a new pair of LXS (I am on my new chair) for $850 and with DLocks maybe a little over $1000 with warranty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wheeliegirl2010 View Post
    Yeah, that price is awfully high, I could get a new pair of LXS (I am on my new chair) for $850 and with DLocks maybe a little over $1000 with warranty.

    just got a quote on D's .....

    DSLNU08-TiZ Lockset & Adapters for: Ti Lite Z Series Manual Wheelchair $399.00 per set
    LRANU08-SPIN12 Lockrings & Adapters for: Spinergy 12 Spoke Wheels $225.00 per set

    I don't think buddy is that far off on his price, but I'm not bidding (those handrims look like they are more than slightly used)

    As far as warranty goes - really, when was the last time you heard of an LX breaking? Didn't you see that video of toto tackling all those stairs in just over a minute?

    I'm just saying... if you don't like what this guys laying down, don't pick it up.

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