Just curious if any one else has had problems with Wal Mart Pharmacy? In a strange set of events yesterday (which they tried to sweep underneath the proverbial carpet) I learned that I had been paying 80.00 for a RX that was really only 22.00 with tax. They said something like never mind...i said NO, wait a minute here, something is going on!

What is odd about the whole thing is when i called the first time before i ever got it filled i was quoted this 20.oo price. Since then i have been over charged monthly, given the wrong dosage, gave half the pills (which i caught)...

The pharmacist was a fill in from another store i believe or brand new as he said. He prob did the right thing....which is more than i can say for the other ones. They did remedy the price for me and put it in the computer to where i should pay this every month...that is if the mgr doesnt over ride it he says.

Just a word to the wise to check all your meds for the dosage and amount.