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Thread: This would be a nice ride

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    This would be a nice ride

    I went to a car show that was going on in our small town's "big" shopping center. I was surprised, there must have been 200-250 cars/bikes/boats, it was a blast rolling thru them all and taking all kinds of pics. I went with my two nephews that were visiting from Baton Rouge, they are 16 & 14 so they were in car heaven.

    I took lots of pics, but this one really caught my eye, a beautiful '55 Chevy:

    I had noticed a guy in a chair near it and rolled up and asked him if it was his, "yup sure is". He then had a friend open the door for me, what a sweet setup:

    Due to money issues, he said it took four and a half years to have it completed. I asked him how he kept from dinging the paint getting in. He pointed down and his whole lower legs/footplate were wrapped in foam.
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    That is stunning Duff!! Kudos to him! '55 Chevy is one of my top dream rides, a '62 Vette being another. This guy did this car right, he must have a small fortune into it.
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    Wiping my keyboard off because of the drool envy thing going on here. I know that they will never build cars that nice again, unfortunately, but oh how I wish they would. My first brand new car was a 1970 Torino (Ford) two door with a boat load of room. Fire engine red, 440 cu. inch engine (vrooom!!) and a black vinyl roof with moon windows. It was the most exciting car I ever owned. It had a flat bench seat.....easy to move from passenger to driver with nothing in the middle, and while it had the typical wells in the back seat it was high enough to just put in a piece of plywood on the floor to make the backseat floor almost flat.

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    Wow that is damn bees knees.............
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    Hey Duff that place looks familiar. what town was this?

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    I was wondering the same thing about the dings and scratches. There is no way it would be scratch free if it was ours! Gorgeous ride though. We have a '66 Chevelle sitting out in our shop that Mike bought before he got hurt. He hasn't touched it at all, so now we will probably sell it to someone who can work on it and make it gorgeous like it should be.

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