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Thread: basement access

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    basement access

    Trying to figure out a way to access a basement without going outside...a ramp would be possible but it would need to be 144ft long for ADA standards. the house will have an attached garage and a walkout basement but in the dead of winter not an option we want to entertain. Any ideas....get creative here we are open to ideas...thanks

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    I butt boost up and down the stairs. Have someone hold your feet so they don't get a rug burn or scraped.

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    Here is a website with some interesting concepts:

    I did a Google search "basement access for wheelchair." There may be a lot of ideas in the listings that came up that I didn't have time to look at.

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    I bought a 8 ft. porch lift off of ebay, built a closet around it and it works great.

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    stair lift and a spare chair for the basement?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chasmengr View Post
    stair lift and a spare chair for the basement?
    That's exactly what I was going to say.

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    platform lift so no need for spare chair or the hassle of transfering
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    stairlift. We have one to our basement. Works great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chasmengr View Post
    stair lift and a spare chair for the basement?
    thats what i do but gurly has a great idea there
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    Kind of pricey, but an elevator would be an idea. When I adapted my home, I put one in to get down to our walkout basement a garage. It is freaking awesome, but they aren't cheep.

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