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Thread: Ovulating Women Unconsciously Buy Sexier Clothing to Outdo Attractive Women

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    Don’t worry Linda; you’re not alone. Elastic and velcro are major components of the SCI arsenal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Random View Post
    Wise, you crack me up.

    I can't get at the article and I can't speak to the sexy clothes thing because it's been a number of years since I've even tried, and probably even longer since it would have worked. Your nice figure gets kind of lost in a wheelchair, and then dissipates itself while you lose your butt, lose your good posture, lose and gain probably in other places that you could do without.

    It seems evolutionarily likely that women's sex drive would increase during ovulation. I'm sure that our prudish mores 200 or 300 years ago wee an evolutionary anomaly, a relic of the advent of modernity. A doctor once told me that menstruating women have a higher sex drive, which I dismissed as an evolutionarily unlikelyhood for which I had no personal evidence.

    Do men have any cyclical hormonal changes, or more just throughout life?

    It is interesting how sexy clothing depends on human imagination and not the amount of skin exposed. Having recently been to the Middle East, I realized how sexiness can be communicated by a flash of eyes behind a veil. When there is little else to go on, the imagination can be aroused by a colorful scarf. In the United States, especially during summertime, little is left to the imagination and I am not sure that it is sexier.

    Regarding male cycles, testosterone does have a circadian rhythm. Testosterone levels peak in the early morning (4-6 am) for most men. Whether this explains morning erections is not clear. Many men may have 3-5 periods of erection during sleep during which they have REM (rapid eye movement). The "morning wood" is just more embarrassing and therefore memorable.

    Men do have lower testosterone levels when they age (about 1% lower serum testosterone levels per year after age 30) but they don't undergo a "menopause" like women at ages 45-55, where hormonal levels plummet precipitously. The origins of the word "menopause" is of interest. It comes from the french words méno (men) and pause (stop), meaning "man-stop". Late onset hypogonadism in men occurs in less than 2% of men. When it occurs,it is associated with reduced physical vigor and three sex-related symptoms: poor morning erection, low sexual desire, and erectile dysfunction.

    Many factors influence testosterone levels, including alcohol, depression, and drug use. There are no convincing benefits of testosterone replacement improve function in aging men and some evidence suggesting that testosterone supplements increases prostate and other cancers. Male menoapuse has often been associated male midlife psychological adjustment disorders (Source).

    Evolutionarily speaking, a diurnal rhythm for testosterone makes sense. Males have to ready to deliver whenever the females are ready. Night testosterone peak would seem to be as good time as any. Erections can get in the way during the day. Finally, the probability of successful child-birth probably declines with the age of the woman and the incidence genetic abnormalities such as Down syndrome increases with age.

    A recent study suggests that the combination of both father and mother over 40 years of age increased the risk by 178% compared to just older fathers by 73% (Source). Thus, menopause and declining male fertility both may help reduce Down Syndrome.


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    I just saw this thread and it gave me a chuckle. This reminds me of the lines in the Van Morrison song Wild Night "All the girls walk by, dressed up for each other And the boys do the boogie-woogie On the corner of the street..." It's true that some women compete with other women,consciously or subconsciously, by dressing to outdo them.

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