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Thread: walking quads/paras

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    walking quads/paras

    ok so with no hip flexor or hamstring on my crappy side (shitty swing phase) but good stance phase (better glutes, soleus, and quads) im starting to get bad back pain (S1, S2, sacro iliac)

    i also have shitty gluteus meteus (outer side of butt) which then affects my hip stability..

    anyone else get pain from a shitty gait?

    if so, what do you do about it?
    c5/c6 brown sequard asia d

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    Stretch, massage, painkillers, rinse and repeat.

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    massage, percussion massager, ice pads, heat pads, epsom salt baths, and stretching (I've made up my own floor yoga to stretch those glutes).

    and yes, back when I was a walker, I had TONS of pain due to a crappy gait. one side stronger and therefore making up for the weak side. the stronger side hurt a lot.

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    I have weak glut med/min and hamstring and completely flaccid below the knee on one side and have reverted to walking with a cane due to back/SI and hip joint pain and pathology. Adductors get very tight which pulls femur in and is starting to effect the hip joint (after only 3 years) so stretching is pretty important. As I'm pretty active I also find I need to get a physio and/or good massage every week to keep everything under control. Core stability work is also helpful.

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    Got to start stretching as often as I did before.

    With pain killers I avoid unless I can't bear it anymore cus the pain is still there, I just can't feel it

    What a torture. Blessed with the ability to walk, with pain all over
    c5/c6 brown sequard asia d

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    stretching, rest often, or sometimes a muscle relaxer if I get jumpy muscle from fatigue. that helps the charliehorse feeling later. a hot bath with epsom salt for sore muscles.

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    What do you use for walking, one cane, 2 canes, forearm crutches, walker, shopping cart, all the above?

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    Quote Originally Posted by arndog View Post
    What do you use for walking, one cane, 2 canes, forearm crutches, walker, shopping cart, all the above?
    1 fore arm crutch. thats all i use, plus the bioness l300
    c5/c6 brown sequard asia d

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    Just eat oxycontin, oramorph, MST & diazepam......
    C-5 incomplete , walking with crutches. In controlled pain. Respect to all SCI people.

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    was told the other day by a lady in a wheelchair that at least I could walk. didn't know what to say.

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