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Thread: anyone with kids out there?

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    anyone with kids out there?

    So I have a question for anyone out there with kids....when u were or thinking about getting pregnant did you ever have a worry in your mind that due to your injury you may pass away and not be around to enjoy there life and leave your spouse with a child....I know it sounds weird but I don't want to have a kid and not be around for them.

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    I don't have any yet but I will. I only worry about my disability physically getting in the way, that's it. Fact is, anyone could pass away unexpectantly & young, sci or not. Some members here have but there's quite a few old fogies too. I just hope to be one one day too.

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    No, I guess my only concern was getting her pregnant in the first place. Then I had to pay someone to do it....but at least I got to watch.
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    what do you mean you pay someone to do it???

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    That is the sort of thing that would bother any parent disabled or not. My wife worries about that more than I do (our kids are 20 & 15), and now we have grandkids to worry about. Just make sure you have life insurance and wills and all that sort of responsible stuff.

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    My hubby and I do not have a child together because of his chronic pain and how it affects our life- financially, emotionally etc. I would of loved to have had a child with him but he and I agreed it is best for us both to not as we think it would of been to hard. At times though, I have really regretted and missed this in my life. I've re-visted the subject and we take a look at it over again and decide, yes, we made the right decision to not.

    I have two children (ages now 21 and 17) from a previous marriage, he has been there for the last 12 yrs helping me raise them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mv740 View Post
    what do you mean you pay someone to do it???
    He means inseminate.

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    I worried about that as an AB. I have three sons (17 year old injured in '07) and worried about it with each pregnancy. Life moves on, don't let fear rule your world. If it's a big concern, do what you can to minimize the impact should something happen (everyone with kids should do that) -- be sure to have a will and life insurance.
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    as you know too well anything can happen in life. if you want kids then go for it. i could easily have a car accident tomorrow or be diagnosed with cancer just as easily as i could live to 100. none of us has a crystal ball so don't let that fear stop you.

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