The Spinal Cord Injury Project

Summer Open House Smashing Success!

Community Members Pack W.M. Keck Center
Interest in Information Well Rewarded

Two excellent speakers headlined the Keck Center Summer Open House passing on critical information about clinical trials, preparation to participate in a trial, and informed consent. The Keck Center event was very well-attended by people eager for the latest information on up-coming trials.

Dr. Ed Wirth, Medical Director for the Geron Clinical Trials, explained the process of bringing a treatment to trial, including the extreme importance of safety. Since his presentation, the FDA has cleared Geron to move ahead with these trials of human embryonic stem cells for acute spinal cord injury. We wish Geron the best and thank the participants for their willingness to serve on behalf of the whole community.

Dr. Jeanne Zanca, Assistant Professor, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, gave a presentation Healthy Today, Ready for the Future! She talked about personal responsibility in becoming part of a clinical trial with three major points: keeping healthy now, qualifying for a clinical trial, and factors to consider in giving informed consent. (There have been several requests for Dr. Zanca's presentation. You will be notified when it has been posted on our website.)

Dr. Wise Young reported on the status of the China and U.S. Clinical Trials and how qualifying participants is not as simple as getting willing volunteers. However, both trials remain on schedule to start this year.

In addition to the talks, there were scientific demonstrations including the MASCIS Impactor, Measuring Regeneration, Microscopy to Study Recovery, and Feeding Stem Cells. Guests enjoyed seeing research 'up close and personal' and asking many questions.

And the wonderful music of ProfessirX was enjoyed by all!

Special appreciation to all who participated including Keck Center students who welcomed our guests, our speakers, those who gave demonstrations, and Jimmy Jack who provided delicious refreshments. Thank you also to those who had displays: Altimate Medical (EasyStand) Brusnwick Automotive Professionals, PushtoWalk, Restorative Therapies (FES), Underwater Yoga, Working2Walk, and the 'Kunming Walker'.

NEXT OPEN HOUSE: First Friday, September 3rd.

Tours 5:00 - 6:00. Presentation by Dr. Young on the latest research and an update on clinical trials.

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