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Thread: i'm losing interest in handcycling.

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    There is a Guy right there in Crested Butte that is making handcycles now. He said that he is working on a prototype with a suspension. If he does a good job I will probably sell my one-off and get one of his. I love riding my one-off but going down hill on a rocky road can jar the shit out of you. I have ridden the downhill chairs like in your pictures and they just glide right over the rocks with the suspension. I have been using my one-off a lot to go fishing and "hike" back into places I couldn't get a wheelchair. I can strap a fly rod onto my backpack and go.

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    Yeah, I know him. My questions directed to Chris in this thread were asked b/c I'm collecting ideas to propose to him a bike design that's more suited to higher level injuries.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Chappell View Post
    Incidentally, for anyone interested, the one-off mntn bike world championships will be held in Crested Butte Aug, 27th-29th.
    For anyone tracking this thread, the date for the 2010 Offroad Handcycling Championships has changed to Labor Day weekend.


    Friday, September 3rd, Riders arrive
    Saturday, September 4th, 9:30 – 2:30 Ride on Mt. Crested Butte with the benefit of lift-service!
    Sunday, September 5th, Backcountry – Reno Divide, this will be a supported backcountry adventure.
    Monday September 6th, Free Ride


    $25 per day (Ride).
    $100 for lodging for 3 nights lodging - September 3, 4, and 5


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