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Thread: i'm losing interest in handcycling.

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    i'm losing interest in handcycling.

    in favor of downhill mountain biking.

    my wife & i in crested butte, co:

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    nice where are the pedals on that thing?
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    beautifu scott. if i could i'd tear it up on one. im surprised your able to run one. rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
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    do you have hand function?

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    cory, it's a gravity sport. no pedals. no gears. just full suspension and damn powerful hydro disc brakes on all 4 wheels.

    john, actually you might be able to. we modified the controls so i can brake by pushing vs pulling.

    jhm, no finger function, just wrist extension & flexion.

    actually i lied about losing interest in handcycling, but this has much more of a rush. downhill is difficult to do regularly due to logistics of needing a mountain w/ trails & a way to get to the top (over & over; we use ski lifts out here). handcycling can be done anywhere.

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    Come on man, I want some action shots! That looks like it would be friggin' wild, especially in that scenery.
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    Great photo!

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    The scenery is beautiful.

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    Awesome Scott ! You are blessed to have a wife that cycles with ya, can't get these blimps here on anything that doesn't have a menu attached, lol. I like that bike too, SHARP.
    I was gonna ask how you get repeat rides downhill...doesn't happen here, ya gotta pedal.

    PS love the mountains/scenery!

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    Amazing and awesome Scott. Did you rent that machine out there or buy? Any idea how much they are worth?


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