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Thread: Car Seat Suggestions

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    Car Seat Suggestions

    So we are a couple weeks out of new baby arriving and i'm trying to make some adjustments to some of the gear. My first kid was 6 months when I was injured so I've wrestled with all the seats etc but I figured I would check on other options for this time around. I have a fairly strong right hand but my left is really only good for bracing off of. This can make a lot of the latches pretty tough. We have always had the Graco seats. Anyone have a suggestion for a more quad friendly set up or safe modifications to make it easier to get the seat and kid out of the van?
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    i've found evenflo seats to have the easiest latches. i too have one decent hand and one quad hand.... of course a stay in car base for the infant seat... my two year old uses a evenflo triumph advance which i love because it is easy for me to loosen/tighten/adjust the straps. go to a big baby store and try them oyt though i guess....
    congrats on the new baby coming, so exciting1
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