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Thread: Does anyone know what this warning on the KCI ActiVAC means?

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    Question Does anyone know what this warning on the KCI ActiVAC means?

    Hi, I recently sold an ActiVAC to a lady who needs it for her father, and she says that it keeps giving her the error "Service timed out, 0 days left, enter code" and then it shuts off after 15 minutes, making it useless. Does anyone know how to fix this and what the code is? I just happened to find it at a Goodwill, so I don't really know much about it and don't have any of the codes or the manual for it. Also, does anyone know if there's anywhere you can download a manual? She already tried contacting KCI, and they were of no help and just wanted her to give them the machine. If anyone knows anything about how to fix this, it would be extremely appreciated. Thanks!

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