I tried researching this on this site, and could only find the thread that was apparently full of spammers and I guess? shut down last year.

I do not want to break any forum rules, and this looks like the place to list items for sale. If I have broken any rules, I will understand if my thread is removed and I apologize in advance.

This unit is in working condition, as I have powered it on and turned it on (started vibrating, so turned it off immediately assuming that's what it was supposed to do but not knowing if it needed something else hooked up in order not to damage it)

This unit came from a dental office that received the unit by mistake. The unit was shipped to the dental office apparently accidentally, and the shipper (I do not know if it was KCI or a distributor) would not take it back when they called in about it because the number didn't match their database or some such.

The handheld unit is in it's foam-padded carrying case with manual, power cord and little backpack thing. The manual has the date "January 2008" on the bottom right of the front cover. I can provide pics by request. The LCD display has a little blemish running down the center, but it's only noticeable when you get the glare just right, and is almost invisible when the screen's on.

I only do transactions through PayPal, to protect buyer and seller. The PayPal fee is almost the same as sales tax, which I don't charge since I'm an individual. I'm not looking to price gouge, only to sell this system for at least close to what's it's worth (not at all what it retails for)

You can contact me at my email

AVredefined (@) hotmail dot com

(fix the email, I'm shooting for less spam)

or call or text my cell 903.399.4622 with an offer