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Thread: does isopropyl alcohol break down latex?

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    does isopropyl alcohol break down latex?

    so my cath routine includes a latex glove and me cleaning the finger tips with an isopropyl alcoholic 70% swab. I wait for it to dry and then cath.

    then i started to wonder if isopropyl alcohol breaks latex and if i should change my routine.

    c5/c6 brown sequard asia d

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    You are fine. In medical labs scientists routinely wear latex gloves and use isopropryl alcohol for things such as keeping glass slides clean. No one worries that the latex will break down over a single use. I have fished out slides and then worked with some pretty toxic substances.

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    Here is a website that lists dozens of chemicals and their reactions with Latex:

    Alcohols:Isopropyl is listed about 20 items from the top.

    Funny though, I clean a latex emptying tube on a leg bag with Isopropyl Alcohol every time I empty the bag, and I think the tube feels sticky after a number of cleanings.


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    No but alcohol has a drying effect over time.

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    something is making my sp cath detach from the night bag after a week or so. We've tried going back to plain silicone from the silver...It's not just my quad hands. Others firmly attach and we watch it slide. My address has 3 6's, that is our only conclusion if not alcohol.

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    try taping it?

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