When is the right time to start using things like electric wheelchairs full time?

I use one outdoors for walking my dog twice a day as there's no way I'd physically manage to walk that far twice a day everyday.

I try and use rollator mainly just to get from room to room either by walking with it or sitting on seat and just pushing with legs if balance is really bad. (my bungalow isnt that big its only a few steps/pushes from room to room)

Recently I was looking at a chair which raises and lowers you and thinking how much easier it would be to do housework from it and safer than trying to balance and hang on with one hand whilst trying to get stuff out of cupboards etc with the other.

Been a big fan of the 'use it or lose it' theory I don't want to switch to using electric chair indoors too soon, but how far should we push ourselves?

Today just getting dressed was tiring, taking Inca (my dog) for short walk, ordering shopping online and a few posts and now I'm ready for a lie down! As my balance is well dodgy today I daren't attempt anything that would require standing up and down alot (such as hanging out washing) , using rollator, so nothing else will get done.

Having a chair with a rising function would enable me on days like this to do more and maybe I'd have more energy for rest of day to go out more if I was using electric chair indoors and out but would that make me lazy and lose the function I have worked so hard to keep?

I don't get out much socially as I live alone and have no PA's or anything. Also been hearing/speech impaired means social situations require alot of strength and energy on my part for lip-reading and physically trying to speak, sign or type my replies on Lightwriter as well as trying to find the energy to sit up on a regular chair/walk with crutches (if its at families house.. they don't have room to get wheelchair in).

Getting in and out of cars is quite physically demanding and if I go shopping we can only fit manual chair in peoples cars. I end up pushing myself as otherwise I cant have a conversation with people when they are behind me as I can't see what they are saying, so they only help on up slopes so we can still chat.

I have got used to been quite socially isolated (been deaf since age 16 also) and as having a PA full time would require alot of extra physical effort communicating all day, which could be used for physio instead - I'm keen to find a way to keep been able to do everything myself around the house for as long as possible.

I'm now finding myself wondering whether this is the right time to start looking for solutions for the next stage as these chairs will take some time to raise the money to buy.

I'm in Uk so cant get Medicare etc to buy one and NHS wont provide the chair I was looking at. So I would have to find the full £16,000 myself somehow.