Thanks, I'm just thinking how useful it would be around the home cos of the lifting feature. With Ataxia my main falls are from trying to balance myself.

Either to reach into cupboards with one arm (so only holding onto walker with one) trying to get down onto floor, or up from floor when doing exercises on mat or sitting on balance board. Its agony when I have pulled muscles in side trying to get back up off floor then cant exercise for a week.

You can get standing frame for it too so could do like half an hour standing whilst doing wii tennis or something, so I'd still be able to do those things for longer I hope.

It would need to fit through swing gate into park I take my dog nearly everyday as its nearest place to let her of when I'm not feeling too good, so that would be the first hurdle.

I'm hoping to get a demo in September as they are made in Cambridge (other side of London from me) and I'm up in Yorkshire so almost other end of country, I was worried if that would mean repairs would take long and be costly so would probably keep old scooter as back up for dog walking just in case.

The guy builds them himself he made first one for his daughter who was born with SMA. I'm hoping he has someone to carry on with repairs once he retires don't want to be stuck with chair i cant get parts for if they are only ones in country that makes and repairs them so that would be my only worry as well keeping my weight under 12 stone!