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Thread: Orlando Condo

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    Orlando Condo

    Check out our condo in the Orlando area. $700/ week + $75 for cleaning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Solorider View Post
    Check out our condo in the Orlando area. $700/ week + $75 for cleaning.
    I cannot see that anyone would jump at this sight unseen. Post pics showing the accessibility if you want someone to consider this..IMO

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    Hi There

    Unfortunately I don't have any specific pictures of the accessibility, but it is a second floor unit with elevator access, low profile door thresholds, bath seat, and hand held shower unit. The master shower stall is quite large with a large door opening to transfer. The other option would be to use the bath seat in one of the other bathrooms that have a full tub.

    Also tile floors in the main areas and bathrooms. Check out the photos for general pictures of the layout, but lots of room to get around!

    I'm a T-6 Para and have no troubles, and specifcally wanted to make it accessible for those with similar or even higher (but can still transfer) injuries.

    Hope this helps, email me with any questions.

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    October and November Special for CCC:

    $500/ week
    $1500/ month

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