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Thread: how many try to hide pain?

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    Ur right on that liver issue,cass. I'm in the middle of liver tests for the meds i've had for 30+ yrs. Dr asked if i drink, I said yea, if you consider about 1 drink a month. Guess it's going on weed to save my liver, otherwise, getting on a transplant list is not very hopeful. Lupus for 32 yrs, cripple, hell, i'd be at the bottom of the list.
    That's a bummer Fishin Guy!! Hopefully your liver enzymes will come back better then expected. Pullin for ya--Good luck!!

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    oh guy! i hope things turn out ok. you've offered to meet before. let's work on that. am thinking of you.

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    I'm new but I'll post my experience. I've smiled, said I was ok and lied, looked away, excuse myself from the room, just grunt inside when it hit and get thru it. But after a while your family and friends know when it hits you.
    I have pushed thru it since Oct 1995 and now since things got a whole lot worse Thanksgiving 2009 I have hit a brick wall.

    First it was 2 or 4 Ibuprofen in my Navy morning then docs give Hydrocodone, now Oxycodone, Ibuprofen like M&M's no multi colors thou, tried Gaba bad stuff 4 me too many nightmares etc... now Topamax coming in the mail. Hope it helps. Stretching and Yoga as much as possible helps- when I can do it and any exercise helps or just plain laying flat on the floor.
    I consider myslef lucky though to be able to go from a wheelchair, to walker to occassionally using crutches and/or cane. Trying my best to attend college but I have hit a brick wall. Might be out the rest of the semester until I have some spinal injections/radio frequency for my back and some help for my legs but then we'll see what happens.
    Hope the best positive outcome but plan for the worst.

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    everyday I have pain and everyday I hide it. Those closest to me see it, but I choose not to go in great detail, b/c then they want to do everything for me and always ask me how I am doing...
    Same answer always physically, unless medicated... but mentally is where I am learning my strength has to help me to overcome pain.
    Pain can really depress me and make me want to withdraw from even those who love me most. I don't want that. So I slap a happy face on and make as many memories as I can with those I love.

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    pain and suffering wears on others. yes I try not to be very obvious. sometimes it is though. I think I am able to deal with it longer at a time if I stuff it. when I give in I get very tired and dont get as much done.

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    I don't talk about it anymore. My husband knows me well enough to know without me telling him. And, for me, it's a dead give away when I pull out the postcards and cards and make myself write. He only asked me once why I don't do those when I don't hurt at much. I don't need them as much and can try and do something more physical around the house. Not that there's a whole lot of things I can still do with very little balance, but I've been trying. I'm not telling him, but fell twice yesterday.

    Just went through some bad days and thought they were gone, but tonight I'm not so sure. So far it's not looking good. I hope not, I'm about out of writing material and stamps until the next pitiful ssdi flys by. What a pitiful retirement! Not exactly what I thought it was going to be. Just when I got to the point when my pay would have gone in the bank for later in life.......later in life kicked me in the ass. Or was that my spinal cord? All I know is top and bottom....mine was no good. I guess I'm lucky it lasted long enough for my kids to be grown. Dam shame they waited until now to go back to college and need my help. Ssdi just does'nt go very far these days and very much doubt that it ever did.

    We hide our pain for many reasons. People do get tired of it and no one knows what to do, it's unfixable. Hell, even the doctors don't believe you or know what to give you. It's a coin toss at the pain clinic. They just guess what might help you. Then it's the big start over from the top.......or is that the bottom? My God in heaven, I don't know if I can do that again!

    I don't go out much anymore, so I guess I don't have to hide much of anything to anybody, but myself. All I can say is try to keep your spirits up as much as you can. My personal belief, you hurt more the more down you are. Just me. Everyone does what suits them best.

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