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Thread: Question for sci nurse

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    Question for sci nurse

    I'm 4yrs post. I'm a c5 incomplete and my fiancé and I are wanting to have a baby. We've gone and have done electro ejaculation twice and afterwords the doctor told us that all the sperm that was analyzed were dead. He also said that they would always be dead if we were to keep doing the procedure. My questions are.

    1. Is It the seminal fluids that cause the sperm to be dead?

    2. Is there anything that I can do to so I can produce living sperm?

    3. Is it better to retrieve the semen by getting it by directly from the

    Any ideas or info that you have or know will help out so much
    Or are we just stuck? I hope that we're not.

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    Curious about your bladder management method. Have you used an indwelling catheter for extensive periods? This is often associated with a problem like this, and unfortunately it may be permanent.

    We don't know why this happens in men with SCI. In a study I participated in we found a large amount of cytokines (a body chemical associated with inflammation) in the semen of men with SCI, and higher levels in those with no or very few viable sperm. Scrotal temperature dysregulation has been speculated as a cause, but has been pretty must discounted.

    Testicular biopsy could be considered as a method to obtain sperm, since it appears that you are actually making them, but it is an expensive procedure and not often covered by insurance. For one of my recent clients, the bill ran about $10,000. In addition, if you actually are able to retrieve viable sperm this way, the only way to use them is through ICSI, which is the most expensive method of ART (artificial reproductive technology). This is where one sperm is selected for each harvested egg, and the sperm injected directly into the egg via micropipette. The eggs are then incubated and later reimplanted into the woman's uterus.

    I would suggest seeking a second opinion from another andrologist regarding the testicular biopsy if this one does not seem interested in pursuing that avenue and you and your partner want to (and can afford) to do so.

    Of course there are also the options of donor sperm and adoption if you really want to have children.


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