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Thread: C5-C6 Standing for the first time

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    C5-C6 Standing for the first time

    My brother is almost 3 months post his C5-C6 injury and currently in the rehab hospital. He was sitting up in a wheelchair for the last two weeks, and two days ago doctors and my family tried to stand him up in Easy Stand Evolv. He felt bad straight away and was vomiting. Today he insisted to stand up again, and he tried it 3 times, each time he felt very weak and sick, and vomited on the 3rd time. He went to bed straight after that saying he was tired and sick and fell asleep early in the evening.

    Im worried that it is a little too early for him to stand. What is a usual time after the injury to start standing up? Should we wait for longer? he can only sit in the wheelchair but cant turn himslef, he also doesnt exercise at all so doesnt have strengh in his ab muscles.

    SCI Nurse - can you pls advise when do you start standing your patients up with similar cervical injury. Thanks!

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    3 months isn't too early. I wish I stood regularly in my first couple years, but it wasn't as common back in '99.

    How is his blood pressure? Low? Is he hydrated/nourished enough?

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    Keep trying. It takes a while for the body to adjust. I would recommend a caffeinated beverage to help raise his blood pressure. It made a big difference for me early on.

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    Thanks for your replies! They werent able to check his BP after standing as he is so sick and not well that he doesnt want anyone to touch him or do anything to him. Mum says hands go black but she doesnt see legs as he is wearing sport wear so she doesnt know how legs look like. Will definitely tell them about drinking more and caffeinated drinks for keeping BP. Mum says he cant hold his head, it keeps falling as neck muscles seems not working well...Im just afraid that there could be a damage to his neck or other areas of spine...They says it is not very pleasant sight and they even didnt want to stand him up today but he insisted.

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    He should be pretty stable 3 months post, but Chaz is correct, his body is still adjusting. Next time:

    1) get him to wear shorts so you can keep an eye on his legs.
    2) make sure he's well-hydrated (I question the caffeine, but different things work for others).
    3) get him to eat a peanut butter & jelly sandwich before he gets up. it'll increase his blood sugar.

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    Thanks Scott. They will be trying again tomorrow if he feels up for it, so will let you know how it goes.He likes sweets so should like the idea of peanut butter for sure

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    i was started 2 weeks after i came out of medically induced coma, they put the like knee high stockings and a binder on, first just sit upright in the bed, then legs over the edge of the bed, then transfers, each time i moved i used to pass out, so i was passing out every transfer for like 2-3weeks, first like 10 times on the the standing frame they put me up so fast so as soon as im standing straight ill pass out, you get so weak like rubber, but then started to do like quarter ways, after 6 weeks i could stand for 15 min with out passing out, 6 months later to this day i stand 1 hour daily. good food, hydration and positive attitude, in rehab after seeing people in worse situations do better then me kind of pushed me to at least catch up to them.
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    Thanks Russianboss, very helpful to understand this while reading your experience. You all seem very positive about early standing, this gives us more comfort and belief that we are doing right things. Will speak to my brother tomorrow to encourage him to try harder.
    Hope some other members can share their experience too. Thx Adema

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    Adema, they could also try jacking up the standing frame slowly, let him adjust to it at each pump for awhile before they give it another pump. David has MS and got into a standing frame after not standing for 3 years and had the same issues, he is much better now as I am sure your brother will be too.

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    Is he wearing a very tight abdominal binder, thigh high compression hose, and Ace wraps toes to groin over them? Is he well hydrated before standing?

    We always start those with new injuries on the tilt table first, gradually getting them to be able to tolerate 75-80 degrees on the tilt table for at least 15 minutes BEFORE going to a full upright stance on a standing frame or glider. This process may take as long as 4 weeks. At his level of injury it is potentially dangerous to put him into a glider first without working through a program like this. If he faints and is not quickly lowered, he risks oxygen deprivation to his brain if propped up in a standing frame (or strapped to a tilt table without someone immediately available to lower his head quickly).


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