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Thread: f-250 hand controls

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    f-250 hand controls

    im looking for hand controls for my 04 f-250 but really dont wont to spend 5 grand for them at the adaptive place does anyone have any for an f250 that they wont to sell or have any pictures of theirs maybe i could make some in the shop thanks

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    5k??? I recently had MPS controls installed in a 05 Suburban for 1k.

    If you're finances are limited, shop around on ebay for the controls. You will likely have to purchase brackets to work with your application but it'll still be cheaper than buying new.

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    im not shur what mps controls are but thats what the company said thats why i didnt get them my funds arnt limited just wont about to pay 5 grand for them

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    I'm not sure where Captgimp is but he posted a decent thread about making your own. Way less than 5K.... OUCH!

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    eBay, $225. I got MPS hand controls on my van, they are great.

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    OP is a quad if I take his screen name to be an actual description and he may not be able to use a set of temporary hand controls.

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    E Bay is the way I love big trucks and big ol vans
    I prefer monarchs but hand controls for these big trucks are personal choices

    Maybe check on E Bay and find what ever you prefer

    good luck Trying to lend a hand



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    I have monarch's in my 99 superduty.. I don't think these pics are exactly what you need, but these are the installed pics. They really are pretty simple. I had these installed for about $800, that included the new controls too...

    T8/9 (2-24-06)

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    I have a set of Monarch Mark 1A for sale that are almost identical to what Rsieck posted. They were on a late model Ford van. PM if interested.


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