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Thread: c2 incomplete please help

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    c2 incomplete please help

    my brother is 30 and was injured in a car accident in OCt. He is still on a vent and moving only the shoulders biceps and neck. He can feel everything but cant move. He was told he cant come off the vent. But early on he was off for a hour and a half. They said things change. Does anyone have any suggestions? Been on a vent 7 months now and has extreme anxiety. I want so much to help him get off!!

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    How incomplete is he (ASIA B, C, or D??)?

    When was he off the vent for the several hour period? Swelling of the cord in the first couple of days can sometimes increase the injury level and make weaning no longer possible. In addition, the muscles used can atrophy the longer he is on the vent, which makes weaning that much more difficult.

    Where is he now? Is he in a SCI specialty rehabilitation center like the Shephard Center or Craig where they really know vent weaning?

    Has a diaphragmatic pacer been explored as an option? These can be either permanant or used as part of a weaning program.


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    My husband is a C3 complete and on a vent at night. He has a trachea so we can suction secretions and do several breathing and lung treatments. It is not what we hoped for when left rehab, but a few month later became obvious he needed the trachea. What once seemed like the worst thing is now something we accept. He fell from a tree on Oct 08.
    Is he at a good rehab? How is his health coming along otherwise?
    Sorry I don't have any advice except that I wish you the best.

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