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Thread: removing tipper bar mounts?

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    Question removing tipper bar mounts?

    So...........I haven't used my tippers since I left the DME with them on. I decided to also remove the mounty thingys under there for weight, or whatever. I have a ZRa. They must have put loc tight, or whatever that stuff is on everything! I DID manage, even with my limited strength, to get two of the bolts off, and when they popped loose it smelled like GUNPOWDER! Anybody know how to overcome loc tight? I'd rather have to tighten stuff than not be able to remove/change stuff when I want. Thanks for any help!

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    Back on 03/02/1006 "Shaun" posted in response to a question, "what are anti tippers?"
    Quote Originally Posted by Shaun View Post
    The little wheelie dealies that will come off the back your chair to prevent ya from going over backwards and whackin your head on the ground.

    You said you haven't used your tippers since leaving DME with them on. Not needing to use them is a good thing, isn't it? By not needing to use them, it means that you haven't come close to going over backwards. What if you take them off and do go over backwards? They won't be there for you to use. What injury might you sustain going over backwards? I know that everyone hates them......they look like training wheels....they are for sissies......they don't look good on my cool chair, etc. But somehow, I would rather not look cool than sustain a head injury. When I was using a manual chair, I used my tippers a lot and was glad they were there. You might want to reconsider taking them off. Maybe the "mounty thingys" are on tight for a reason.

    No offense...just want you to be safe.


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    i believe the only way to get bolts off that have lock tight on is to heat them up.
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    To remove Loctite, you have to heat it up. On regular machinery I did it with a torch. On something you don't want discolored or burn marks on, you might want to try a heat gun.
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    Wow! Thanks all! It's more complicated than I thought. I got an "A" so I could change stuff. Hope I don't run into this with EVERY adjustment!

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