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Thread: The Sweet Tooth Thread

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    The Sweet Tooth Thread

    Well since my wife and I have a bakery I figure I'll try to post up something different each day that comes from our store. Join in if you wish to post some sweets.

    This week we are doing Christmas in July on the Main Street here where I store is located. I was just brought some fresh sweets for that. Tried one of these and it was freaking amazing.

    They are peppermint fondant, surrounded by dark chocolate with crushed peppermint candy, enrobed in white chocolate and decorated with red/white chocolate stripes. If you like chocolate and mint like I do then you'll never find something better then this.
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    Can almost taste them. Vicarious calories!!!!!!

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    That is food pornography!
    Seriously, looks wonderful.

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    Glad you like. Today we have a picture of some cake balls, we just cook the cake, crumble it up in a big bowl and add the icing, then roll em into balls and dip them in either dark, milk or white chocolate. We make em any flavor that we make our cakes or cupcakes. Their about golf ball size, so perfect for a snack when a cupcake is to much.
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    The cake balls look like they would be a lot of fun at a party.

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    Any dark chocolate pecan caramel turtles?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LindaT View Post
    Any dark chocolate pecan caramel turtles?
    That guilds the lily!!!!!!

    Wish I lived near your on second thought maybe not..too tempting!!!!
    Is the white decoration white chocolate or white frosting? How do you make the dipping chocolate thin enough? I have dipped some cheesecake balls on pops sticks into chocolate (melted chocolate chips), but the chocolate always seems too thick....What's the secret????

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    TW oh my gosh what you posted looks so good. Where are you in dallas? I'm going to be there this weekend but mostly in the fort worth area. Do you have a website up?

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    Do tell the secret here, I am planning a wedding and looking for some ideas, these are pretty and yummy!!!

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    @LindaT maybe tomorrow's picture?

    @gjnl yea it's not good for the waist line. I got laid off from my job in Jan so I started working the front of the bakery instead of paying 2 or 3 people part time that we had been doing. Since then I've gained about 25-30 lbs. I do good and then they decide to make something new and I'm the unofficial "Quality Assurance" person.

    That is white chocolate drizzled on the cake balls. I can't say how the chocolate is done that way, other then it could be how you heat it up? We heat up a pot of water to boiling and then use a metal bowl with the chocolate in it over it. A lot of people seem to just stick the chocolate in a microwave and melt it, doesn't work the same. It could also make a difference in that we use chocolate made for this type of stuff instead of choc. chips. We only use the best ingredients in everything we make, our chocolate is Barry Callebaut.

    @WTF we are in Grapevine, just NW of DFW airport, NE of Ft. Worth. We do have a website, however it was made before we opened our bakery and just had our catering business. We are working on a new one to reflect what we now offer.

    @MSWIFE1 I wish I had secrets to tell, but I'm rarely in the kitchen, the wife and her girls take care of the secrets, although some of em she won't even tell her Mom.
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