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Thread: Ims sliding door

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    Ims sliding door

    My2005 Toyota Sienna Braun ramp door opens part way, I need to pull it fully open before the ramp will come down, closing it is no problem, any ideas ? Any helps appreciated, Mark

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    Hey Mark,
    I don't have a clue why you have to complete opening the door manually to the point where the ramp will come down.

    Which IMS conversion do you have? Is you ramp lowered by a cable?

    There are few and far between mobility companies who have much experience with the IMS conversions since they have been out of production for sometime. Parts are hard to come by as are service manuals.

    Where are you located? I know a guy in Berkeley, CA who knows these systems backward and forward. He is Bill Fryckman, owner of Mobility Systems, 800 943-7333, I don't know if he would entertain trying to troubleshoot this with you by phone, but if you don't live in the SF Bay area, it could be worth a try.

    Best of luck

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    I also have an IMS system and like gjnl said parts are hard to come by. I'm now having the issue of the door not wanting to pull itself open or shut. Hopefully it's something simple because the last time they replaced a sprocket which cost me $460.

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    Same thing happened to my mother's 1997 IMS van this last winter. Required replacement of the servo that controls the door and ramp...about $250 total.


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    I had a similar issue and it turned out to be a bit of a nightmare. The conversion people said it was a Dodge problem and part of the original equipment, and the Dodge folks, of course, said it was a conversion problem. The Dodge folk wanted to take the interior door panel off, but couldn't because the ramp blocks access. I hope you do not get the run-around that I did, but be prepared for a lot of "it's not us, it's them." My final fix after months of frustration? A rope tied around the door handle that I can yank!!

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    Hey Mark,
    I found this doing a search on IMS van door problems. There were quite a few articles. You may want to do that search and spend sometime reading and researching. Don't know if this could be you problems, but it is another thought.

    Wish you well and good luck in getting this fixed.


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    I have a 2002 IMS Ford Windstar have had this problem a bunch a is caused by the contact at the bottom of the door not being positioned correctly.............the contact is simply a magnet that can get knocked out of place or disoriented.................many times you can correct the problem simply centering the contact...........hope that helps

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    i had an IMS as well...biggest piece of sh@t on earth! Never again! I got rid of it after 2 years of constant headaches.

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    The power fold up ramp stopped working completely in our 2005 Toyota Sienna RampVan and blocked the wheel chair access. None of the door switches would open the passenger side door in order to deploy the ramp. The alleged manual ramp operation function failed to work trapping the wheel chair occupant inside the vehicle. Luckily we were able to use other ramps we had at our house on the driver side sliding door to get my husband out of the van. Our problem is why could we get the door open? We could not even open it manually. We changed the circuit breaker on the IMS system and that did not work. I checked all of the little fuses under the dash and they were all good. What else can it be? What else can it be? We need our van. This is our only means of transportation.

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    I had this happen on my 2011 Braun Sienna. Come to find out the ramp motor locked up not allowing manual override.

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