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    Free Bike

    I'm giving away this bike (photo attached) with only two conditions: the new user must be a quad, and you'll have to pick it up (I live near Philadelphia). Email me if you're interested at . The first one to reply gets it. Post your questions. Thanks!

    P.S.: I no longer have it. Thanks to all.
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    That is a really cool looking piece of equipment.
    What brand/model is it?

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    I had it made using my own blueprints. Used it for a few years, moved on to other equipment.

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    Very cool. Can you share the blueprints? I'm nowhere near Philadelphia.

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    I'm afraid I don't have the blueprints anymore. But the design is simple, the most complicated part is foot pedals. The bike attaches to a bed, it has little wheels and is pushed away when not in use.

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