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Thread: Problems always on left side??

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    Problems always on left side??

    I have been working out everyday as trying to lose weight.. I use a passive trainer bike which pedals my legs for me. .. I have Ataxia/Dystonia together.. I don't have enough co-ordination in my legs to be able to pedal fluently myself and get involuntary movements from muscle contractions caused by combination of the conditions I think.

    I just recovered from a leg injury.. second time to left leg.. swells in same place (just below bum at back of leg) .. always after several days in a row on bike and always the leg leg that goes into spasm and starts shaking after a while.. the right leg doesn't do it.

    There's also an exercise on wii fit where have to bend and stretch arm (tricep extension).. on right side can get 10 out of 10 easily... on left side again.. I struggle to get it to register once or twice.. I don't know if its cos muscles are floppier on that side?.. could that be causing the leg injuries too if that side is weaker?

    My left arm seems to have more involuntary movement in it than right, it can respond quicker but not as accurately.. for example if using a joystick... whilst driving chair (its on right) movements are slower but accurate (drive with special joystick that can rest arm on and use gross motor arm movements to steer).... I use left with computer joystick and the movements are more faster but more jerky and takes me longer to line up cursor (which is why I don't drive with left!).

    I haven't had a stroke so was just wondering as to possible explanations as to why injuries always happen on left, and difficulties with Wii registering my arm has bent or straightened on that side/ jerky movements etc?



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    Left side motor problems are due to either right-sided brain damage or left sided spinal cord lesions. With many progressive diseases of the cord, it is just "luck of the draw" where your lesions are, and which area is more severely effected or effected first.

    My mother has MS, and has, from the beginning, had more early muscle loss, and more severe loss on her right side than on her left, although at this point, she really has functional use of her left arm only.


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    I ride an fes bike Kati and sometimes, if I'm not seated straight on the bike , my leg in the area you are speaking about, can rub on the edge of the cushion. If the area is getting banged about by the cushion, it may cause swelling.

    Next time you ride the trainer, make sure that area is not rubbing on the edge of the cushion.
    I hope that's all it is girl. You need to stay active like you do.

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    Thanks guys...I'll make sure leg is straight. Often I'm sat on sofa watching telly when I go on pedals so sofas soft but my left knee bends in to face right leg, so often that leg is leaning in..I do keep straightening it again but after few more rotations of pedals it has turned back in towards right leg.

    It always turns in when I try walk a few steps too, also on old chair (Vibe with wider footplates) that foot was always turned in on left footplate and right foot hanging off front of footplate! .. My positioning is much better on Quickie Salsa M, cos of calf supports and one piece footplate, tends to keep legs/feet together straight, otherwise I need splints and boots on to keep legs/feet straight all time.

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