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Thread: Need help NOW, Tilite caster washers

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    Need help NOW, Tilite caster washers

    I can't get the last washer back on the caster bolt in the fork. I've tried everything I can think of. There are four washers used on my fork with the 4 inch softroll caster I have. There isn't room enough for the last washer.


    I figured it out. Jeez. Had to spread the fork slightly to fit the last washer and I used the axle at one end and a wood dowel from the other to line everything up. I am so glad I am not a new chair user. I had to think back to solving this same problem years ago with another chair.

    There is so much to know about using a chair. Getting the right fit, which can take years. Getting the chair skills to do curbs, stairs etc. Maintaining the chairs. I guess the last part is keeping up with the cool guys. Actually that last part, is fun. Oh when will I get my Spinergy 12-spokes. Of course I should probably replace some of my steel bolts with titanium and the axle too and ... ;-)
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    stick a screwdriver in there, add a little pressure and pry the forks a little further apart then they currently are.
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    I think Ti told me to use a 7/16 or 1/2 inch open wrentch , put the two in the open part and slide into place. I also use some tape cut to size and tape the two together, slide in place and slide the bolt thru it, do the same with the other side.

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    That would probably work to...
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    I may be too late, but this is how I get 'em in: expand the fork. If you take a pliers and put it in the fork to pull it open you can bend it out slightly without any damage. This got me an extra few mm which really helped in getting those spacers back in. And when you screw it all together it bends back to normal.

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