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Thread: Wanting a family

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    Wanting a family

    Ok, so here it goes, i have this boyfriend that is in a chair. and was wanting to get some opinons on how hard is it to raise kids with ur spouse that is in a chair?? and if there is alot of stress that come with it. How hard is it to take care of kids work, and take care of them. i want to know before moving on with the relationship, i no doubt love this guy to death but i just wanna no what im getting myself into before we take the next step.. i no its not alot taking care of him on my part cuz he has his assistants and stuff while im at work during the day, but how is it when u have kids... thanx guy!!

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    First of all, what is his disability, and is he able to father children? Many men with SCI do not ejaculate without having medical procedures to induce this, and it is common to have to use ART to achieve actual pregnancy. None of this is cheap. Do you have the resources for this? If not, would the need to look at other options for parenting make or break having a relationship with him for you?? Do you BOTH want children? Have you discussed this with him?

    Of course if he has a significant disability, the physical aspects of child rearing will fall primarily to you, but he can still be an active father and very involved in childrens' emotional and intellectual development.


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