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Thread: Out of insurance

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    Question Out of insurance

    I have run my LTD Ins as soon as the SSD came on line 11/08 as Has cobra been paid but has lost time on 6/6.
    Is there somthing that I might look into to cover these next 6 months before the Midicare runs starts as 11/10?
    thanks for any thoughts

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    MY COBRA runs out end of Sept and I and scared. My husband will have medicaid.
    I am running against dead ends anywhere I look.

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    Been there too, it was a long frightful wait but eventually I got full time work and got benefits. Wish you both luck and good health.

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    One option might be to apply for Medicaid until Medicare kicks in . You would probably have a spend down if you qualify and that would be determined in part by how much Social Security you receive ( SSDI I assume).

    It's not the best but would help cover if anything major / catastrophic came up.

    good luck. perhaps there are some other options from others who have been in a similar situation.

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