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Thread: Do you remember your mother saying.......

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    Do you remember your mother saying.......

    How many times when you were growing up did your mother say,

    ...if you aren't careful you will... were you are going or you will...
    ...stop clowning around or you will...
    ...come down from there or you will...

    "break your neck". Back in the day, I don't think we had clue what that really meant. I wonder if our mothers knew what that really meant?

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    We were just talking about that the other day. How many times Dave said his mom said he would break his neck. On dirt bikes,the type of work he did,being in a helicoptor crash while in the Army,home roof repairs etc.
    Then to be 45 and fall while picking apples.

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    pararich fell from a tree too. I coulda broke my body many times over as a kid. and I actually know a lady who poked her eye out accidentally.

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    My favorite was

    make sure you wear clean underwear when you go to the doctor...hmmm

    or do you have your condoms and dont drink and drive

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    the funny thing ..... i still say it !

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    I doubt it, it was more of a saying...though my kids sure listen when I say ' no, you are absolutely NOT ALLOWED to jump from the trampoline into our neighbours pool, you've got to be kidding me, you'll end up like me! if I catch you doing that you will never ever go swimming next door again' lol. I think they got the point, I can't believe the neighbours let kids do that
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    When David crashed his four wheeler and broke his back T10, 11 and 12, he had to go home and take a shower first because he didn't take one earlier and couldn't go to the hospital in dirty underwear. LOL fortunately they fused his back together and he healed fine, but now the damn MS has him in a chair.

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    My redhead Mom chased all 7 of us around threatening to break our necks till I broke mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emi2 View Post
    you've got to be kidding me, you'll end up like me!
    i use that phrase too. the kids just stop and look at me and hope i'm not looking when they try it again. not my kids, of course. i'm kidless but not cousinless.
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    My mother would always say "stop making faces at your sister, your face might freeze like that!".

    Thank god for botox is all I can say to that.
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