great for those with limited hand function.....getting closer to production.......heres an update email i received from them......i havent ordered one, i can shoot reg weapons.....might get one anyway.....

Dear Potential Palm Pistol ® Customer:

The first working prototype of the Palm Pistol ® has been received
and is undergoing endurance testing. All critical components are
working as designed. The low bore axis results in no detectable
muzzle rise as predicted. Trigger “push” is 9-10 pounds and
unloaded weight without the optional Picatinny rail is 13.4 ounces.
Endurance testing has begun and should be completed this summer. This
will be followed by drop testing. Production is estimated to begin
late this year or first half of 2011. Specifications are subject to

To date, 458 units have been pre-reserved with paid deposits and an
additional 666 individuals have completed our online reservation
form. Only 1000 units will be built during the first production run
and these are expected to sell out quickly. Retail pricing has not
yet been established.

A link to an FEA dynamic inertial event animation which estimated
component displacement during discharge, and photos of the working
prototype, have been posted to

Your continued patience is appreciated. We are confident the
firearm’s quality of construction and safety will be remarkable and
well worth the wait.

Matt Carmel, President
Constitution Arms

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