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Thread: looking for advice

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    looking for advice

    i am in the midst of getting a new power wheelchair i need something FWD for outdoors use i have been looking around and i kinda like the permobil but have saw alot of static on the brand. I do not like inavacare and they only have 1 option for front wheel drive chair. Are there any other options as far as this goes?

    Thanx in advance for yr. help!

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    If your concern is outdoor performance, rear wheel drive RWD is the way to go.

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    Really?? i was always told by my dad and my expert/therapist that fwd was way better for all terrain?

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    Interesting. I would think rear wheel drive where your weight is over the wheels. My chair would be okay if the wheels were wider but in sand and soft, loose grass my wheels dig a hole.
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    I believe that front wheel drive is much better outdoors. Front casters are always hitting either sticks or stones or just irregular terrain and changing direction or spinning around. Large front wheels just power right through.

    I currently have 3 powerchairs front, mid and rear wheel drive and I live in a tough place, so I have a lot of experience.

    I have one of the absolute best outdoor chairs ever made but it is not for everybody.

    My Next Mobility Omegatrac is fantastic but it is heavy at about 450 lbs.
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