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Thread: A laugh at my expense.

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    Post A laugh at my expense.

    So Im not the brightest bulb in the drawer....but here goes. Ive been juicing of late and actually like to make concoctions/brews to bring to work and sip on as need be. Anyone that has juiced knows that raw juice can ferment fairly quickly so I been throwing ice cubes into my thermos before I top it w/ said juice. Yesterday I give the thermos a quick washout with warm water...dump....then head over to freezer and start loading cubes into the opening; all the while peering down into to see how many cubes I have loaded. Well Im not a real genius at thermal dynamics.....this thermos or better yet the glass liner inside implodes/explodes and sends the concentrated concussion through the thermos opening making my right ear go numb while scaring me to shrill-cry like a little girl in my own house.

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    Ive been juicing of late
    1. i immediately thought of steroids when i read this

    2. i thought you were going to say that you got drunk. but i'll laugh at the actual outcome.
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    I would have laughed myself...unless it happened to me.
    Funny thermos side story.
    My dad had a thermos that wasn't keeping his coffee hot anymore. So he decides to refill the inner part of the thermos with GreatStuff. The aresol stuff to use to fill cracks in your house or whatever. He takes the handle off the thermos and puts the nozzle in one of the two holes, and presses the button. It filled the thermos with the insulation from the can, but, it also pushes all of the charcoal (I didn't know thermos' had charcoal in them until then) that was inside the thermos out the other hole of the handle. He looked like the characters on the old cartoons that looked in a bag that had a bomb in it. His entire face was black, except for the areas around his eyes, from being shut so tight. There was also an outline of his figure on the wall behind him. We never laughed so hard.

    Cali, I thought the same thing about "juicing".
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    Hey TJ-MN,
    Don't mean to laugh at your expense buddy, but......too funny.
    Keep on Keep'n on.

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    Funny story Mike! The outline of his profile on the wall behind him would have been the proverbial cherry on top .

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    I'll take that laugh at your expense! Are there seconds soon?

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