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Thread: Explorer II off-road handcycle

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    ake is a buddy of mine. He is pretty serious about his work. He is the one working on a cruiser model for me.

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    Jaroslaw Rola (designer of Explorer) is a friend of mine. I have one Explorer in my hands - riding on this bike is awesome. Can go almost everywhere. Finally I am able to go where I was before my accident. Suspension in this thing is glorious, you dont need to think about rocks or holes when going downhill , just swallow them. I thought about buying stiff frame bike, but now I know that it was good choice to buy explorer. About the weight, my explorer weighs 27kg. In comparison with 25kg of stiff frame one-off like bike is not big difference, and difference in off-road capabilities is VERY BIG. Jarek told me that if stock components would be changed to expensive and lighter custom components, they can save 2 or even 3 kg on its weight.

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    Seeing the Explorer II - Up close and personal

    I had the pleasure helping a friend of mine partially assemble his new Explorer II. It was, as I thought, a well thought out design. The designer is continuing to upgrade and improve his design. The latest upgraded model may be seen on youtube or if you are on facebook enter explorer II in the search and you will be guided to the latest video. This latest design will bring you closer to nature than you thought possible under your own power. This design gives you greater safety with full suspension and dynamic hydraulic brakes on all three wheels. It is available with a choice of three internal drive rear hubs, mountain drive and carbon fiber leg supports and seat. This is a great leap forward for off road handcycles! Currently it is the only one of it's kind available in the US. I look forward to riding the Explorer when weather permits.
    Go to for more information.
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    Sport-On published new video on their FB profile. Very nice

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    Their latest video, just wow:

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    Thread resurrection!
    T7 on a prone-position, chest-pad, Handbike like the Exlorer III or the Bomber RS...possible??
    If not, thoughts on the Nuke?

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