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Thread: Bionic Legs Help Paralyzed People Walk Again

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    Look at the menu...does that mean we can shuffle-dance? ;D
    walking is OVER-RATED!!!

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    i don't think anything is lame,it's a start.but only someone with a million dollars can afford it.

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    Exoskeleton could benefit troops with spinal cord injuries

    Exoskeleton could benefit troops with spinal cord injuries
    By Seth Robson
    Stars and Stripes
    Published: August 6, 2010

    GRAFENWÖHR, Germany — A newly developed robotic exoskeleton that enables paraplegics to stand could help troops injured in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to a Department of Veterans Affairs doctor who treats veterans with spinal cord injuries.

    Using a joystick to control the exoskeleton, called Rex, users can stand, walk and climb stairs.

    The device’s developer, Rex Bionics of New Zealand, has been in contact with the VA, said Sophia Chun, who practices spinal injury medicine at the VA Long Beach Healthcare System in California. Chun says she would like to test the exoskeleton on some of her patients.

    “Rex is the only exoskeleton that I know with the ability to take a person with paralysis from a sitting position to a standing position without another person assisting,” Chun said. “It could benefit a larger population than the other exoskeletons out there which require a person to have some motor control.”

    There are about 26,000 veterans with spinal cord injuries, including 13,000 being treated by the VA, Chun said. Since 2003, 525 servicemembers have suffered spinal cord injuries in Iraq and Afghanistan, 170 of which were wounded in combat.

    The Rex exoskeleton weighs about 85 pounds and runs for two hours on a charge of its lithium-ion batteries, according to Richard Little, an engineer who helped design and build the device, which reportedly comes with a $150,000 price tag.

    A key innovation in the exoskeleton is the joystick controller, Little said, adding that other robotic exoskeletons are controlled by body movements or neural impulses and require users to have some movement in their limbs.


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    Me likey. But I'll wait a few years until they knock down the bulk a little bit. LOL

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    Post Walking Exoskeletons

    I went to an SCI forum today and saw videos of two products I hadn't seen before. They are both designed to help people with pretty good upper body strength walk.

    One is the Rewalk system. I think they said it was developed in Israel and is getting a limited trial in Philadelphia.

    The other is available in New Zealand.

    I bet there are videos somewhere on youtube.

    Here's Rewalk:

    And Rex:
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    Also this company:


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    Coming Closer...

    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Also this company:

    Thanks for the link SCI Nurse!

    There is one more aspect of future mass ExoSkeleton's use:
    They can be programmed to help in REHAB process @ similar way as Lokomat adjusting power of moving patient legs when sensors detect person's own progressive motion releasing machine for exact same amount of power contributed from patient enabling smooth movement. This technique should gradually help persons with mobility disorders (not to all unfortunately) to achieve greater stability and independent motion.

    Berkeley Bionics are developing with Lockheed Martin Army ExoSkeleton
    see VIDEO here
    They are also adjusting this device "future wheelchair" in their Medical Bionics department for us in relatively low budget project.
    One of the most crucial part of Exoskeleton is battery life.
    In search for solution Lockheed Martin is working with EEStor
    and with EnerG2

    With above and Hal Robot Suit for hire (in Japan for $ 1,600 / month) good hearted New Zealand project looks like 20 years old garage sale item.

    If Army recognize benefits of use Medical ExoSkeleton for great numbers of
    wounded and immobile soldiers in rehab process and everyday INDEPENDENT life, more chances to see mass production.

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    Me too, i want to be Robocop

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    New Exo Skeleton will be presented from Berkeley Bionics @ Thursday October 07th, 2010; Crossing fingers for Robocop and Ironman option...

    Miracles are not contrary to nature, but only contrary
    to what we know about nature
    Saint Augustine

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    Here is a link to a interesting youtube video on the Raytheon XO2 exoskeleton. Lets see what Berkeley has to offer this Thursday.
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