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Thread: Hemorrhoids

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    hi taterman,

    i use my suppositories twice a day, always after a BM and then i clean my finger.

    they don't cause BMs ( sometimes they cause me a little discharge though, but rarely )

    they really help when the hemorrhoids are angry after a BM!

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    Thanks for the response. I think I may just give them a try after I talk to my doctor.
    It is better to do something than to do nothing while waiting to do everything.

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    Hello everyone. It seems that a lot of us are plagued with this hemorrhoid problem. Must be from sitting on our butts so much and, not having the muscle control we once had. I too am blessed with this problem and, believe me, my quality of life would be improved immensely if they were not there. Of all places to still have feeling, it would be there.

    I have been told by two surgeons that they do not want to do the surgery on me because of possible complications and, the fact that the problem would still remain, because of the SC injury still being there. This confounds me a little and, I wonder if they just don't want to take on the case. I use both the suppositories and the cream with the steriod compound. They help but, do not get rid of the swelling. I will occasionaly have a lot of bleeding when having a BM. I figure it is no more than what a woman experiences while on her menstral cycle. The bleeding happens after the rectal tissue shrinks up. I suspect that the sensitive tissue gets torn during the passing of the stool. I use the steroid supp. and cream on a regular daily basis. I will also supplement the use of witchhazel on a cotton ball lain against the rectum and also use Preperation H. I also take warm baths that also shrink up the external hemorrhoid.
    I have been told that the banding surgical procedure does not alway apply to certain cases of hemorrhoids. This also applies to the staple procedure. Finally, there is the removal with the scalpel. All of these procedures will narrow the rectal canal which can cause a more difficult time in evacuating the stool from the rectum. Care would have to be taken to avoid constipation at all costs. I use 1/2 of the "magic bullet" supp. every other day to stimulate a BM. I also use stool softeners twice a day and, drink plenty of water. My diet consists of a lot of roughage and, fiber. So.......I believe I am doing all the right things, just can't get no satisfaction. Frustrating situation. Life goes on.

    I hope this thread will continue to be updated so that I may learn from others and, know that I am not alone with this damn problem.
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    Hi bigtop1

    I think you should have some concern on the blood that does come from the hemorrhoids. If they bleed while you are up and around during the the day, it can cause damp skin in the coccyx area (which it did with me) and I now have a small spot of open skin.

    I will be getting a second Doc's view soon. I feel the staple procedure my Doc wants to do will cause a constant stimulation and that would really change my bowel program.

    You did note "I also use stool softeners twice a day and, drink plenty of water. My diet consists of a lot of roughage and, fiber." so that should give you soft stools. The key is as you are doing and the stool being soft. I would also hope that you do a bp every day or every other day. stool build up can also be a problem, and cause hemorrhoids.

    I will post when I get the second review. I also think Lola will be posting after she has seen her Doc.

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    I'm considering banding or surgery, but wonder if either would increase the likelihood of bowel incontinence? I am incomplete and don't use any program other than proper diet.. Any input from those with experience?
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    Neither is likely to do this, but the banding is less invasive, and can be done as an outpatient procedure.


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    Thank you

    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Neither is likely to do this, but the banding is less invasive, and can be done as an outpatient procedure.

    I'm finding lots of Docs quite willing to band or do surgery (most prefer surgery, say it's more permanent), but few have an answer when I question the effects of scarification to SCI. I have read that the vessels help in normal bowel control.

    Thank you for your quick response.

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