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Thread: When to switch to power?

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    When to switch to power?

    I'm c7 incomplete and have pretty good use of my hands. At some point I feel I will be using a power chair. Last summer I tore a muscle in my chest. This summer I broke my scaphoid bone in my wrist. I am trying hard not to go the route of a power chair, but need a little advice. Looks, type etc...

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    I dont like that at all. it looks like it would be great for riding down the hiway, but too hard to maneuver through a house

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    Consider power assist chairs as an intermediate step. For example, e motions:
    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

    See my personal webpage @

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    I had a power assist. I didnt like it at all. The wheels were so heavy I couldnt remove them or do anything with the chair. I might as well of been in a power chair. I didnt see the point.

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    sounds like you have your mind made up. I think the point 55 was trying to make was to keep you as active as possible. Most longtimers I've met are against power at all cost, I've been told "nothing will kill you quicker". But there is no sense in aggravating your wrist while it heals.

    You may want to start "trialling" a few power chairs if possible. Keep each one for as long as the vendor will let you and trial as many as you can. When they're sick of you find another vendor and do it all again. While getting all this free usage don't stop using your manual for short distances each day to keep your body used to it. Use it or lose it.
    Demo'ing all those chairs will give you a feeling of what you want too - remember you can't get to all the same places with a power chair than you can in a manual.

    You mentioned "looks", this should probably be last on the list. Its benefits should be paramount.

    just my 2 cents......

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    Hey Chris,
    Maybe we can take another stab at your need for power, but your determination to stay manual. Back in the day, when my company moved into new headquarters and but in heavy, dense, plush carpeting, my shoulders took a real beating. Back then, there was an add on unit that I put on either my rigid or folding Quickie manual chair. It was called Damaco. It was great for work, and when I came home, I could take it off and go manual around the house and garden. Take a look at:

    Power Add-ons for Manual Wheelchair

    Alber - German manufacturer of the following products
    e-fix - a power pack add on that converts a manual wheelchair to a joy-stick controlled power wheelchair.

    e-motion - pushrim activated power-assist push rims that can be added to a manual chair.

    viamobil - a power push and brake aid for attendant pushed wheelchairs
    Frank Mobility - the Alber products importer for the USA

    DAKA - Wheelchair Drive Unit (WDU) is an add-on electrical power unit to make wheelchairs easier for attendants to push.

    Independence Technology
    I-Glide - pushrim activated power-assist push rims available on manual wheelchair made by Johnson & Johnson

    DeltaGlide - a variable ratio power assist pushrim that responds to changes in terrain and inclination.

    Roll-Aid - a power add-on for a manual wheelchair that creates a tiller for steering.

    Soleus Mobility - a power add-on that transforms a manual wheel chair into a power wheelchair with joystick.

    Swiss-Trac - a wheelchair towing tractor that turns a wheelchair into an all-terrain wheelchair.

    Xtender -a pushrim activated power-assist push rims developed by Yamaha that is now available on Sunrise Medical's Quickie 2 manual wheelchairs. Go to "Products" and search for "Quickie Xtender."

    Now I am in a power chair. At age 65, I just can't put the shoulders, wrists, hands, to the task.

    Hope this helps

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    Agreed. I havent made up my mind at all. I definitely dont wanna go to a power chair unless I absolutely have to. I didnt know you could "trial" chairs like that.

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    Ask the VA what they have to offer... assuming that's the route you're going.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisstultz View Post
    Agreed. I havent made up my mind at all. I definitely dont wanna go to a power chair unless I absolutely have to. I didnt know you could "trial" chairs like that.

    Make them think you're loaded, or at least have the means to pay for one, one way or another (insurance or out-of-pocket).. they'll trip over themselves to get you to buy one. My vendor here in canada is charging the gov't close to $18000 for my chair (Quickie Xperience) if it ever gets ordered/comes... If a third of that isn't profit I'd be surprised.

    Take a few vendors for a ride.. they certainly deserve it after all the crap they put us through. Just remember - you catch more flies with honey than you do with bearshit. iow be nice yet uncertain, string them along...

    I actually like the look of the new rotrike, for outdoor use at least. Trips to the grocery store would be possible, other than that its a little unpractical for indoors or car-rides, though. I think the rowing motion would be very therapeutic for manual users.

    Did someone link you this? - dunno if he's actually marketing yet.

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