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Thread: Digit Air Gauage for Roho riders

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    Isn't the pressure thrown off in the process of attaching the gauge? The Merlin didn't have that limitation...

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    Quote Originally Posted by firewheels View Post
    Isn't the pressure thrown off in the process of attaching the gauge? The Merlin didn't have that limitation...
    You attach it like you would a pump, put the gauge on while the valve is close, then turn the gauge to open the valve, as I am told.
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    The gauge uses the same hose a ROHO pump uses, when you attach the gauge to your roho valve rotate the gauge clockwise to avoid opening the valve, the hose needs to be a good 1/8 - 1/4 inch beyond the rotating portion of the valve to get the airtight seal.
    Once in place, prior to opening the valve, you push the activation button, this will display .00, you get your .00 then rotate the gauge counter-clockwise one revolution to open the valve, with the valve open you get your psi., while removing the gauge be sure to rotate the hose clockwise to be sure you leave the valve totally shut

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    Can you present some data showing the relationship of air pressure to distance between butt and seat pan? Clearly, that would be different from person to person, but I'd be very interested to know how much air pressure varies before contact actually occurs.
    - Richard

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    Good Q., If I'd thought of that when my rehab guys were here with my new chair, we were mapping my new Quattro, I could have let air out of my cushion in .05 increments and watched the mapping screen. Starting with my .55, when the map showed that I was on the seat pan we could have figured out a pattern, that does have my curriousity up now, my rehab guy gets back from vacay I'll get with him on this.

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    I have received my gauge from John and it works very well, an excellent design.
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    Thanks for the Excellent Ranking Brian, anyone interested i'm working on a website, until it's up-n-runnin' contact me via email, i'll work with ya like Brian and I did.

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    Did you get your web site up yet?

    I bought one of these and I am just waiting to get pressure mapped. Excellent workmanship and idea.
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    Thanks allot, after years of adjusting/wondering about the amount of air I was riding on it's nice to know it's consistent now with what the mapping wanted, let me know how it goes at the VA. My website will be finished when I decide on where everything looks right.

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    Could you share an image of this gauge? I am interested in this product if you have them for sale.

    I had ordered the I-Pressure one made by Liber-T Medtech but now am told they have been discontinued.

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