So, a few weeks ago, I noticed an odd center in the middle of husbands wound. (He has a shearing wound in the very center of his butt crack that has healed and come back for the past three years). Otherwise, it's a shearing wound that is mainly a surface wound. We went to a plastic surgeon ("specializing in sci") and he said I was doing a great job cleaning it and that there wasn't anything to worry about. Just stay off it. so my husband tried to stay off it... I went out of town for a couple of days and come back to a very dark, almost black, center with 1.5cm of tunneling underneath! WTF???!!! I am so upset. It also oozed infection and stank.
Here's what I did. Overnight, used Dakins as wet to dry solution. Then this morning, packed the tunneling w/ aquacel ag and covered with polymem foam dressing.
Questions: Should I try and remove the dead looking skin around the tunneling? Someone suggested Iodosorb. Anyone think that would help?
PLEASE HELP ME>>> Any suggestions for wound care sincerely appreciated.
PS- Our doctor sucks and we can't get in to see the physiatrist until october. there is a wound nurse at the hospital. but she only sees you if you're in the hospital... I did email her and she usually responds.

***Side note of irritation*** husband "had to go to the effing post office this morning. NO I can't go for him. He had to. He's being an ass and I'm feeling up to my eyeballs with taking better care of him than he takes care of his self.! RARRRRGH!