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Thread: Anyone know of a leg harness for handcycle safety?

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    Anyone know of a leg harness for handcycle safety?

    I have an old Freedom Ryder Superbike that I bought back in the late 1990's and am hoping to tune back up (if possible) and start riding again. I had a problem then that I need to solve: my legs, at the knees, were always rotating inward and hitting the wheel and gears/chains etc. I tried to use velcro straps but after one ride, the straps had rubbed my legs to the point that they bled! I tried padding them, but realized that there was enough movement that I needed something more professionally made to secure my legs to the bike. I think the challenge of positioning my legs in the bike was the one thing that kept me from riding more.

    Is this a problem that others have had and hopefully solved? I saw something on ebay last year that I can no longer find (I think it was a leg harness called maybe griprite?) and I can't find anything else anywhere.

    FYI - I am a 5'2", 100lb, complete T6/7 para with some tone in both legs, meaning I need strong straps or protection.

    Any advice from you pro's out there is appreciated!

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    I actually wear a skater style knee pad and then use webbing and buckles attached to the frame of my handcycle and then to the knee pad. This connection keeps my legs from flopping into the wheels as well the straps help keep my legs pulled down while tight turning instead of being in the way of the frame.

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    I have the same bike and I made some shields out of plastic and aluminum that keep my knees out of the chain and spokes. The smooth shields don't hurt the skin.


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    I cut a plastic tube down the middle on one side and slid it over the chain and fastened with a velcro strap. Top End used to do the same with their chains to stop from rubbing.

    are your leg troughs adjusted to fit your leg length?

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    I don't know if this might help firm up the leg stirrups. I placed a plumbing plastic pipe along the end of the stirrups and used hose clams to hold them level. they used to droop down before. This makes them more ridgid. you might then have more luck strapping your knees onto the stirrups without them moving....???

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