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Thread: moble phone screen protector

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    moble phone screen protector

    What screen protector would you recommend for an iPhone?

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    I got one from the Mac store that came in a set of two. I think they are all basically the same though.

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    I've never used one.

    Zagg's are well-liked though.

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    I have a Zagg InviShield on my iPhone. I love it, you can still see some fingerprints when the phone is off but not like the other protectors. The tricky part is getting it put on but my nice was kind enough to take it to a local Best Buy here where he knew the guy that installs these was a pro. Every couple of days I spray a microfiber cloth with eyeglass cleaner every few days and give the shield a good cleaning. If you use a case don't get the full body shield, just the front part. I have my phone in an incipio case that covers most of the phone and love that also.

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