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Thread: C-1 Jefferson burst fracture recovery time

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    C-1 Jefferson burst fracture recovery time

    I had a bike accident and suffered c-1 Jefferson burst fracture. It had broke in 4 places. I would like to know if anyone else has had this injury and if so what is recovery like. I have no spinal cord injury at all. Just looking to see what pain you have after. Any arthritis at all. Is the neck sore? Looking to see what my outcome could be. I did this June 22. In a halo now for the next 8 weeks.

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    You are extremely lucky that you did not suffer any cord damage, as at that level you would almost undoubtably be totally paralyzed and ventilator dependent. It is common for fractures like this to require at least 12 weeks of immobilization with a halo, so I suspect that the 8 weeks will not be sufficient. After that, if your Xrays are OK, you would normally be then placed in a softer collar such as a Philadelphia collar for another month or so, and required to wear it also for riding in vehicles for a longer period of time.

    Key points in good bone healing include no smoking or use of tobacco products, excellent nutrition (with an emphasis on proteins and calcium + vitamin D), and avoidance of NSAID medications.

    It is possible that you may end up with some limitations in range of motion for head rotation, and are at risk for developing some degenerative arthritis down the road. Only time will tell.


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    I know am very lucky not have any other issues as a result of this injury. I am looking into the after effects it will have on me. My vertebrae will not helm back to the original position I have been told. It has spread out a little. My question is how will this effect me in the future. Will there be daily pain as a result? I thank the lord everyday that I can still walk and it did not turn out worse. Thanks for the input.

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    Wow, you are incredibly lucky! Thank goodness. I'm sure you'll battle pain as most of us do. Best wishes & welcome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quad79 View Post
    Wow, you are incredibly lucky! Thank goodness. I'm sure you'll battle pain as most of us do. Best wishes & welcome.
    So what injury did you have. I am curious how functional I will be after the halo is off

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    Hey. Pain is better than parylasis.
    Take real good care of yourself. You should be cautious of everything you do.

    Whatever you do treat your neck. Head. Shoulders like a thin sheet of crystal

    You do not want a sci.

    Eat your vitamins. Get your rest. Check out hyperbaric chamber

    That might help with the healing
    c5/c6 brown sequard asia d

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bisenhart View Post
    So what injury did you have. I am curious how functional I will be after the halo is off
    Always keep in mind, all injuries are different. It's hard to say what function you'll have. As sci nurse mentioned, you'll likely have range limitations with your neck from the fusion. People usually have pain around the area of the fusion, arthritis & muscular spasms. The important thing is you have no spinal cord damage, that's why I say you're lucky. I know one sci'er that has damage from c1-t? & functions as a c7(chest down, no hand function but arm function), another is left functioning @ c1-2(no movement from the neck down & on a ventilator). I'm sure the lack of no cord damage should leave you with very little impairment. As for me, my cord was injured so my recovery isn't really relative. I wish you well as you get the halo off!

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    and he's gone
    c5/c6 brown sequard asia d

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    Wait, what?

    No nsaids? I'm really confused. Can you elaborate KLD?
    And the truth shall set you free.

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    Yes, recent studies have found that NSAIDs interfere with bone healing and regular use should be avoided during the acute fracture healing time.


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