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Thread: New mom--Need help!

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    During her first couple of months, Brian would put her in her bassinet and roll her to whatever room he was going to be in at the time. When she got a little older, he would sit her in her highchair or walker and do the same thing. He never once used a sling and he has kept her long periods of time all by himself with no trouble. Hope this helps. Congrats!
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    Congatulaions on your baby. Im sure you'll do great. I used a sling for outings - the ones with elastic hold the baby secure. In the house I laid her on my lap (with much care) with a small pillow wedging her close to me. I only did this when she was unable to roll. The sling was better once she was a few months older. What amazed me the most was how she adapted with me...and seemed to know how to help me pick her up.

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    Congratulations on the new addition. I'm currently solving all the same problems with an 8 month old son, Brier. I used a pillow on my lap like Ramblinfree for a long time to wedge him in close to me. I also found a memory foam pillow that was shaped in a way that it kept him in place. I found that when he was younger he enjoyed riding along and for a long time we just cruised around he house together. Now at 8 months he's a different beast but he's also adapting to me. Now he will tolerate just laying on my lap while we move around the house but only in short bursts. To diaper change etc. While his mobility was limited I would put the Baby Einstein up on the couch with the ottoman to increase the space. Having him higher made it easier to get him back on my lap. Try to create multiple stations to move her to. You get into a rhythm. Saucer, Einstein, Bumbo, nap etc. Now he's all about the floor. Get sleepers with zippers and you can just grab a handful to lift. Otherwise use overalls as she gets bigger but make sure the fasteners are solid. I also had a friend create a sling that hooks on my flip up push handles and then the front of my cushion that wedges him between my legs and on my lap for walks outside. very basic. All in all it's totally doable. My first son was 6 months when I got hurt and we solved some of the problem then but I never felt totally comfortable. this time around I was determined to do more and it's just like everything else in a chair. Adapt your environment, get creative and just roll with the punches. Most importantly don't forget the baby vibes off you so be cool. Enjoy. N
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    I used a boppy pillow on my lap for both my sons and fastend straps to it that went around my waist so it could not fall off. Just layed them on the pillow with there butt in the hole and it worked great, for first 6-8 months until head control is better. Congrats!

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    OK...let's see if any of my crazy ideas make sense to anyone but me!

    I have a 2 year old and a 10 month old. With my son, I relied on the help of others more often. If I did transport him, I usually just hung on with one hand, and propelled my chair with the other...then switched. I still sometimes do that. But now i also use a makeshift carrier...which basically just holds the baby in my lap. You know those shirts that are tube tops, but like a dress at the bottom? I used it as a baithing suit cover-up. Like this one. I just cut off the bottom and use the tube top part to wrap around both of us. That way if she leans out, she won't fall.

    My husband works swing shift now, so I am alone with the kids very often. It really just takes time to figure out what works for you.

    Hope I helped
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    i am T-12 so i am sure i get away with much more than some here, i lucked out and our twins always fit great over my shoulder and seemed to like it there. Slow going one arm at a time but we all made it through unscathed. CONGRATS!

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