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Thread: New mom--Need help!

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    New mom--Need help!

    Hi all,

    It has been a long time since I've been on CareCure as I've been really busy with graduate school and being pregnant. In May my husband and I welcomed our son, Brady, and couldn't be happier!

    However, I'm really struggling with transporting him in my chair. My husband will be going back to work soon and I'm getting stressed about being home alone without him. I had always thought I'd use a sling to move him, but so far, he's not a big fan of it and starts fussing almost immediately.

    A few questions for those of you parents in a chair:
    -How did you transport your newborn?
    -Did you have help during the day?
    -Any other tips, ideas?

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    Congratulations! Do you live in an area where there is a service for new moms, usually funded by a grant at no cost to the new moms, where a social worker, nurse, or someone else trained in infant/toddler type development can come in to your home? In my area it is out of the public health office and is probably locally named so wouldn't be familiar to someone out of the area, but I'm guessing similar services might be available to you...anyway, they could be helpful in assisting you in developing the techniques you are looking for in the area of your unique situation..kind of like OT probably did for you just to manage in a household situation..

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    Molly, no suggestions on caring for your baby. Just wanted to say how wonderful for you to be a new Mommy! Best wishes to you, hubby and son.

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    I used a power chair but did try a few things that might help.
    I'm assuming you've tried different slings and all? The baby trekker was my favourite but a friend loved a wrap which was basically a long piece of fabric.
    I also had a pair of overalls made with a loop on the back which the wheelchair seatbelt could go through.
    Third, looks like it could work.

    I hauled my kids around by dragging their highchairs around too, or bassinet, whatever.... a stroller,anything with wheels.

    What about a moses type basket, you could get some straps sewn on that could secure the basket to your back canes so it doesn't fall off your lap.
    Also, it wont be long before he can sit/stand - as soon as my kids could get onto my foorplate that was their favourite place to sit.
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    molly, awesome. congrats rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
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    Molly: I used a Snugglie for my son for almost 18 months. He liked being close and hearing the heartbeat and all and it worked well. His dad carried him the same way. Back in the dark ages, almost 18 yrs ago, that was the only option. They have them in forward positions for as the baby gets older and more curious.

    Through the Looking Glass offers lots of ideas and suggestions--they are out of UC Berkley.

    Congrats and enjoy. The time goes so fast--mine is now entering his senior year.
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    Nothing to offer but a congratulations & kisses for that baby. I hope you get it figured out soon.

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    My kids were all pre-sci, so don;t have any suggestions about the chair, just CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    And something that was the same chair or not ...... as soon as you think you have it figured out, everything will change!
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    Molly.......have not talked to you in a while.

    Way cool on the little one news!!! You go girl.

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    Congrats on the new baby. Wow, ya know it does present a few problems, movin a baby with you. Just had to stop and think, when your with someone whose relying on you, wow it can be a real baliwick. I just worry about myself when out, or gr-kids are older. Thanks for opening a few eyes here, and presenting a pretty interesting situation. Hope you get some good ideas here.

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