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Thread: Are you happy

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    Are you happy

    Very interesting sermon in church yesterday about happiness. I was happy, I am not.

    As a group we are pretty severely challenged, long term.

    My mom had a difficult hip replacement and was in pain and physically challenged for a good 3 months. After the second month she called me and cried, saying she had gotten a taste, and knew it only a taste, of what severe chronic pain can do.

    The physical disability is challenging but there I am not so challenged having most function, but live in daily agony with no relief and worse, no hope in this life.

    Lest you think this a depressive rant I have come a long way since May, off all narcotics and pain relievers, off anti-depressants neither of which did much more than steal my mind, the only part of me I have now.

    I am comfortable in my skin, unhappy, sometimes depressed or bitter, but able to take some measure in the of pleasure in the beauty of the world around me.

    I would really like to see how others feel


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    Very unhappy to say the least. The past month or so has been very emotional for me. As Sarah's mom, I am still struggling with all of this - a year and a half later. Feels like we are all just going through the motions every day because we have to. But we are all trying to make the best of a horrible situation.

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    Hello bollefen,

    After I adjusted to my new body and accepted it (about 5 ears), everything seemed brighter and my outlook greatly improved. I had been married (shaky 1971) for about a year. Since then, the marriage and life stabilized and life has been pretty good.

    When I was about 10 years post, I passed a very painful kidney stone. My Dad thought it was funny and joked about it. About 5 years later, he went to the ER and thought he was dying...he was passing a kidney stone. He then apoologized for making fun of me; not realizing how much pain I was in. I never mentioned it to him but I could tell it bothered him a lot about his joking.

    I wish you the best in getting rid of your chronic pain.
    ''Life's tough... it's even tougher if you're stupid!'' -- John Wayne

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    Life is good!

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    Hi Bill, You have come a long, long way. Even with the pain you have (which I can not imagine, but I see my spouse suffer from) you find beauty in your photography and have encouraging words for others.
    I did not feel so happy yesterday. I felt I was dragging my body around in slow motion trying to drain the ocean with a teaspoon. There sems to be one obstacle after another to get Dave the things he needs and I get a different answer from each agency and program. It is often one set back after another. On the other hand we are grateful that Dave is not in the hospital ICU near death like he was a year ago at this time.
    I am hoping today will be better. I can not say if I am happy or not. Just trying to hang on.

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    I'm from the old school of 'complete' injuries where neuro pain was almost nonexistent. Still in touch with many from my rehab group and the only pain we have is structural. I'm in awe of people who develop coping skills to deal with neuro pain. (And I don't mean that in the condescending way we all get treated)

    I'm happy. Freedom 55 was the best move I ever made.

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    Happy but always striving for more.

    And always trying to stay one step ahead of this diabolical and shapeshifting foe ~ SCI. Pain is a constant companion like a shadow I just try to block it and alter it's impact in anyway possible without meds. I find that dealing with the side-effects of meds is harder than coping with the pain.
    Good luck to others, whatever may work.

    Onward and upward, Chris

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    < - - - happy and making no apologies for it.

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    you have to get used to it. but of cource everybody here would be 20 times happier if they were AB. life sucks as disabled but you get used to it.

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    It has been three years for me and I am better off now than the last two years. I have chronic pain but almost drug free. The drugs really screw you up mentally. What is most memorable for me is how good I had it before I was injured. It made me wake up and see what a beautiful wife I have and if it was not for her, my life would be meaningless. We have our good days and bad and will always wish to walk again someday. We have to believe , stay strong and positive to make it through this bad dream. I always wonder what is each of our purpose in life whether in a chair or abled bodied.

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