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Thread: New Injury

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    New Injury

    Hi I am new to the site. I had my injury 1/22/10. Snowmoblie accident my injury is t7/8 complete. Is anyone who is complete walking? Really struggling mentally with my injury.

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    Vermont, I have moved your message to its own thread instead of having it buried as a response to an unrelated thread.

    Welcome to CareCure. As we always say, we are glad you found us, but sorry you had to. You will find a lot of people here who have gone through what you are going through, and who can help you.

    Have you had any return since your injury? Do you have any movement or sensation below your injury level? Seven months is still very soon to tell if you will get any return or not.

    People with mid-thoracic injuries sometimes do walk with bracing, but it is not very functional outside of a therapy setting, and takes a lot of energy. Are you still going to therapy? Have you discussed ambulation with your PT and physiatrist?

    As you know by know, SCI is much more than not walking. There is also still a lot that you can do without walking. Have you been introduced to any adapted sports? Are you interested in skiing again?


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    I have the same level injury t7/8 complete and no not walking but that means nothing in reality for you anyway. Just to be sure you know complete refers to the fact that you have no feeling or function below your level of injury. If you had either below your level of injury your injury would be incomplete. When I first got injured and they were saying my injury was complete I thought they meant my spinal cord was completely severed and that was/is not the case. You can inquire with your doctor as to the status of your spinal cord. Most of the time the spinal cord is not cut but traumatized/injured. Like KDL said it is early. Nothing set in stone if at sometime you get feeling or movement below your injury level you will be considered incomplete. They usually say what you have two years out is what you will end up with and while for the most part that is the case there are exceptions. I think you should do and get as much therapy as you can and give it your best shot. Should it turn out that things do not change for you, you will have the satisfaction that you did everything you could on your part. KDL is right there is a lot you can do and for me hand cycling, even though was not a cyclist of any merit before SCI, was great both mentally and physically for me in my "recovery".
    Here is a thread you might find interesting. And remember at any time your status could change to incomplete. I would not take the complete status to seriously till at least two years out.

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    Oh and sorry you have any reason to be here but since you do glad you found it. Welcome and feel free to ask anything

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    Welcome to the site, lots of great information here. It's the best resource in the world for spinal cord injury. If you have a problem, post it in the Care forum, or whichever forum seems appropriate, and you'll get some answers. Best of luck, keep hope alive.
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    The mental part of my injury has been a battle. Keeping a positive attitude is very important to a better life. This site and other help from family ad friend have been my salvation. Be as active as you can here it helps to know you are not alone.
    T6 complete

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    Sorry you had to find this site but welcome just the same. Great information here if your willing to last and yes it will be a battle. I'm going on 3 years at L1 and not walking but yu learn to still live life and enjoy it while your doing it so hang in there brother or should i say sister
    What ever doesn't kill you makes you stronger

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    How do I post questions under different subject headings? I am pretty bad with computers. And thanks for welcoming me to the site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vermontskier View Post
    How do I post questions under different subject headings? I am pretty bad with computers. And thanks for welcoming me to the site.
    To REPLY to an existing thread, select the POST REPLY button in the upper left of your screen.

    If you want to post in a different forum, select that forum first.

    To start a NEW THREAD (new message, not a reply), once you are in the correct forum, select the NEW THREAD button in the same place (upper left).

    When done typing, just select the SUBMIT button.


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    Welcome. You should find answers for just about anything here!

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