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Thread: Ace finally working!! Woohoo!!!

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    Ace finally working!! Woohoo!!!

    Well after several months of trying different amounts of saline and other bowel meds through my ACE I think I have found the right formula and amounts!! My doctors nurse has been a great help over the phone. I am now flushing 400cc of saline and 20cc glycerin through my ACE stoma and have had great results with NO accidents throughout the day for the SECOND day!!! I hope it will continue to work this way but would like the amount of time I have to sit on commode to be shortened a little bit more. Other then the amount of time I'm really happy for now. Wish I hadn't spent the 16 bucks this month for another order of magic bullets.....oh well guess it's good to have on hand in case I need them.

    Does anyone else use glycerin? Will your insurance pay of it? My insurance for some reason will not pay for mine (figures) so my doctor is going to see if they will pay for a fleet enema and if they do she said I can just take 20cc of glycerin out of that bottle and it would work the same.

    Anyway just wanted to share a little bit of good news from myself.

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    Glad it's working for you!!! I love good news! I'll say a prayer it continues.

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    Let'ss see what others have to say.


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