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    Lifts and hotels

    I have been finding more and more that hotels have platform style beds that have no clearance to allow a lift to go underneath. How do those that use lifts overcome this problem?

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    The first time, I naively expected no problems and was confronted with a platform like you described. It was too late to find another hotel - in fact, in the place we had originally set up reservations with, it turned out that the door to the bathroom was too narrow for the powerchair to go through, so we insisted they find us another hotel for that night right away, while we waited in the lobby making our displeasure clear to the other guests there. So, in the second hotel (turned out to be both better and cheaper), we used the transfer board that we had brought along with us just in case. Nearly ended up with my wife on the floor - because the bed was so damn high, it was a very difficult transfer. But that was only for one night
    The next trip, I called the (different) hotel weeks before, and asked them to go and measure the clearance under the bed. Although it turned out that their measurement was incorrect, at least they had assured me that there was room for the lift's legs to go under the bed, and it worked OK.
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    We stayed at a new Hampton Inn in Rogers MN a few weeks ago. My MIL went there personally to check it out for us. the yhad 2 rooms with 2 regular beds. We were able to push they further apart so there was pelnty of room for the Hoyer. The room was quite large and reasonable with a good roll in shower.
    She was trying to find us one in her area for later this fall, but was unable to.

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    We always call around, and ask the manager (not the reservation clerk) about the type of bed and the under-bed clearance. If they don't know, I ask them to go measure it while I hold (or call them back in 1/2 hour).

    Also be sure to "block" the room when making a reservation, not just reserve it. With the former, you get that specific room. With the latter, any "comparable" room, which may have a different bed.

    One Christmas we took a hotel room which we knew had a platform bed but was otherwise accessible (this was a Courtyard by Marriott). It was near my sister's house, and we planned to have them meet us there with some blocks to put the bed up on at the ends so we could get the lift underneath. We did that, then went to their house for dinner, arriving back at the hotel about midnight. My dad got into the bed and was reading. When I transferred my mother into bed, as soon as her weight was on the bed we heard a loud crack and the whole bed sagged! The lift was trapped under the bed, and the platform board (particle board it turns out) on the side had cracked in two. I was able to lift her up, get the lift freed, her back in her wheelchair, and then call my bro-in-law (by now, after 1AM) who came down and put additional blocks under the middle of the bed out of the way of the lift. We used this for the rest of the week, while my bro-in-law and dad repaired the board on the bed. We never told the hotel about the damage, and it looked as good as new when we checked out. Never going to do that again!


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    I don't use a lift (transfer board) but recently stays at a Harrahs in Tunica, Ms. The hotel was lovely, but when I arrived there after midnight ( long day at the casino) found the bed way to high for me to transfer. Had also run out all the battery on the power chair, so slept in a chaise lounge in the room. Woke with a very stiff neck, and did complain to the staff the next morning, but sure it went in one ear and out the other. It should not be so difficult to book a handicap room !!

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